Wild animals should not be caged and displayed for entertainment

Should animals be kept in cages?

If we completely change their environment and in fact abuse of their capacities, tragic outcomes like these should be expected. The training of circus animals is a dark and disturbing world which is hidden from the public eye.

February 25, at 6: On the mainland, there are parks for pandas and tigers. Zoos do not teach children about the natural attributes of animals, on the contrary zoos provide a distorted image and teach them how animals should not be living.

Humans are not natural prey for them but they are the size of prey animals. Hunters use guns to kill certain individuals, and lead pellets to kill, injure and mutilate others.

Nothing tragic about it whatsoever. Ashley from New Hampshire February 25, at 6: It has to be expected. I have worked with various animals in my life, including raptors. However, some zoos that have passed USDA inspections with flying colors have later been found by humane groups to have numerous violations.

Animals Used for Entertainment

Most animals display different behavior often disturbed, frustrated, bored when behind bars or in tanks that are too small. Animals can develop long-term disabilities. When being chased by the hounds, a fox will often attempt to escape underground.

Seeing the reality would surely prevent us from participating. Cages can also help prevent accidental injuries caused by other animals and visitors. Animals spend 96 percent of their lives behind bars. But so-called "wild animalls" in captivity benefit their species in a worldwide context by educating the public and decison-makers about the plight of endangered species and the need to preserve their habitats.

How would you feel if you were always on exhibition? Twiggs and Jeffrey, two giraffes born at the Cape May County Zoo in New Jersey, were sold by the zoo to a broker who subsequently sold them to a traveling circus.

They rely on their family for social structure and play - and cover hundreds of miles of ocean. Zoos and SeaWorld types should be limited to animals that can have "reasonable" habitats created for them. Domesticated dogs and cats are not wild animals and have been bred to be human companions.

Just ask yourself, what if the tables were turned and we were in the cage, or pool? In the wild, an elephant can walk up to 30 miles each day, highlighting the immense disparity between their cruel circus lifestyle and their natural one.

Zoos: Pitiful Prisons

The AWA requires that all animal displays be licensed with the U. I do appreciate the conservation work all of these places do, but animals should not be made to perform tricks. However, it was an accident and should not be twisted into a symbol for any crusade to have the parks eliminated.

After returning from the park, it will be locked up again. Allowing animals to be free is better for them because they will be allowed to see the beauty of the world just like humans. These animals have been enslaved and abused in order to perform stupid tricks for the amusement of others.


Humans are at fault not animals for this recent and unfortunate death and we should be held accountable as a species for our ignorance not animals. Tatiana, a Siberian tiger, escaped her substandard enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo in and was shot to death after she killed one person and injured two others; she had mauled one of the zookeepers a year earlier.

When animals are forced to stay in a confined space, their mental health could be affected. This was an industrial accident in an industry that probably has more than its share. But the real shame lies in the fact that we humans still cannot see that forcing these animals to perform is torture.

The park has canceled whale shows today and is re-evaluating safety procedures - a day after a 12, lb. I have no sympathy at all for this death.Animals should be kept in cages for their own protection and that of humans as well.

But it is unacceptable for people to take advantage of this to hurt animals, like keeping bears in cages. Animals Should Not Be Kept In Cages.

Animals play an important role of human life. Wild animal is a kind that normally lives in the wild, for example: elephants, tigers, rhinos and many others. They live in the wild with spacious and natural environment, however many humans kept them in the zoo, as an attraction for the sake of the money.

They didn’t think of the wild animals.

5 Reasons Why Animal Circuses in the U.S. Need to be Banned NOW! the animals are all confined to tiny cages, only just big enough to stand and turn around in. Statistics show that the average.

Officials at the tourist attraction say they’ll continue to put the whale on public display. Today’s Question: Is it right to keep and train animals for human entertainment? Wild animals. Wild animals should not be caged and displayed for entertainment Posted by on April 12, Sullivan, more foggy and tearful, freezes his deployment do my professional course work to decolonize or grant excursions.

Circuses house and confine animals in small cages, sometimes for as long as 23 hours in each day. They are also sometimes chained, as well as caged. Yet wild animals will always behave in instinctive and unpredictable ways and can never Bear baiting involves pitting dogs against bears in a cruel and brutal display.

This is also for sick.

Wild animals should not be caged and displayed for entertainment
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