Why do people want to be famous

In fact, they can be quite humble in conventional terms. These contributions can be anything into which time, effort, and care have been put--a home, a theory, a dance, a business, a garden, a pie, a blog, any job well done.

Genuine recognition must be differentiated from both false and inflated praise. Children sense insincerity in exaggerated praise, and soon learn to discount it.

In a world that sees people as Somebodies and Nobodiesindignities abound. Recognition is to the self what food is to the body. It even helps to quiet the critical voices we have internalized--of parentsclassmates, and teachers--that echo in our heads long after these naysayers are gone.

Why are young people so obsessed with becoming famous?

These persons, which seem to be increasing in number, have done nothing that deserves to be publically praised as an achievement. For an individual that enjoys singing, playing an instrument or for someone who enjoys acting, due to the nature of what they are doing, it is often natural for them to become famous.

The more recognition we can amass, the less likely it is that anyone will dare to nobody us. With there being numerous examples of people who place fame as the ultimate achievement in life and above anything else; it might seem that fame is what one is on this planet to attain.

The body might have changed and one may have had many experiences since that time, however one thing has remained. But the famous have an added challenge in store. But they must be accurately understood and acknowledged by all involved.

Two Sides On one side we have the desire of some individuals to be famous. But, many victims of rankism are still in the position of women before the word "sexism" elbowed its way into the language.

In a subsequent post, I will describe a dignitarian society, one in which rankism has lost its bite, dignity is secure, and, although some people are better known than others, we seek salvation not via the vain pursuit of fame, but through service. Strangers will voice their negative opinions in detail, unable or simply unwilling to imagine that famous people bleed far more quickly than anyone else.

As Time Goes By When these needs are not met during ones childhood, ones inner child will have been wounded during these important stages. On the surface these people can be judged as attention seekers and as being self centred.

And although this might have not always been something that benefited humanity, it was usually something significant. The wounded inner child is also what conditions ones ego mind. It is best not to know.

To live in dignity affirms, nurtures, and protects. Accrue enough fame in life and you may even attain immortality and, in the words of the song, "live forever.

This age regression will continue to appear, until one has validated and acknowledged these neglected childhood needs. I talk about this in my book Daydreaming: The wise person knows that their products need attention. We must understand the effects on those who suffer from either a deficit or a surfeit of recognition and take steps to avoid malrecognition, much as we now guard against malnutrition.

Insatiable Needs These needs of the inner child cannot be fulfilled directly and this is due them being childhood needs and not adult needs.

Why do we eat this stuff up? As well as writing articles and creating poetry, I also offer personal coaching. This has also lead to poetry.

Fame: Why Do Some People Want To Be Famous?

Nobodies are marginalized to the point of invisibility. For a time, the resentment can be kept under control, but it is never somnolent for very long. It just so happens that what they like doing, interests enough people and therefore they will become famous.

For over two years, I have been writing articles. It poses an existential threat. Well, it can have lots of personal components. We gain recognition through the contributions we make to others and from their acknowledgment. To be sure, not all somebodies abuse their power advantage.

You will get warm smiles from admiring strangers.What is evident among people who want to be famous or who are famous is there constant need for attention. It is as if they have no identity other than the one that is given to them by other people. Whether they feel good or bad or love or hate themselves is being defined by the views of other people.

At a collective, political level we should pay great attention to the fact that, today, so many people (particularly young ones) want to be famous – and even see fame as a necessary condition for a successful life.

People want to be famous to be noticed and given attention. They don't want to be seen as a normal person, they want to be seen as something much more than that, like a king.


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Why do people want to be famous? First of all, it is profitable to be famous; and it gives you a great deal of pleasure, does it not? If you are known all over the world you feel very important, it gives you a sense of immortality.

You want to be famous, you want to be known and talked about in the world because inside yourself you are nobody. Why are young people so obsessed with becoming famous?

says that today’s culture is full of people who don’t want to be famous for a particular talent, they just want to be famous so they.

Why do people want to be famous
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