Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why

His commitment to integrity. They can be very nice, but then if you are bad they can be very strict. Now, I am a celebrated person in my academic major, Plasma Physics, in our country. They treat everyone equal. He has helped me through everything.

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They are just some people that are willing to take a risk in taking kids in. Again, it makes him stand out among so many who demonstrate an attitude of entitlement. Moreover, teacher should be sophisticated at his major. Although he could have entered to other field like engineering majors, he opted teaching with less income and better performance.

If I fail a test in school she is always so happy to sit down with me and go over the ones that I missed and then I feel like I understand it more. After a short period of time students were allowed to start writing. That they see value in the lessons they are learning from them. I learned from him that integrity is about making your actions line up with your words.

All the time he said me you are clever and talented, and if you believe yourself I am sure that you will be a knowledge professor in Physics. Personally, my math teacher was the person who is the answer of question, due to his personality, commitment and knowledge.

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I will be happy to one day go home and be with my family once again. The writing contest in the last issue of Fostering Perspectives posed the following question to current and former foster kids: This simple character trait can provide a huge competitive advantageparticularly in a world where people are often overwhelmed and slow to respond.

Leadership Question #1: Who Has Impacted Your Leadership the Most?

She also helps me get better when I am sick. It made him stand out in stark contrast to so many others who take forever to get back to me or simply failed to deliver what they had promised. Again, it was very devastating and tragic for all of us. When I am let down or something is getting to me she always helps.

I saw him in the best of times and the worst of times. When I was just a baby my birth mom abandoned me in a trailer, in a laundry basket. Give examples and reasons to support and develop your opinion Essay topics: I remember balling up in a little chair at school and crying my eyes out.

They just have the biggest hearts I know besides some other people I know. They show love, they care, and they help these children in many ways. They have been great examples.

Instead, all but one of the children who responded wrote about their foster or adoptive parents. She always comes up to my room to tuck me in and asks me if I have any prayer requests.

She also helps me with all the problems that I have. From that moments, I became interested in continuing my education in the field of Physics in university. I doubt there is anyone who knows him better with the exception of his wife, Bobbie. Second, I contend that teacher should show his commitment to students.The person who has had the most influence on my life is my mom who has adopted me.

She gave me a great home and family. She also helps me with all the problems that I have She’s taught me how to make friends. She’s taught me how to be polite and understand others.

She’s taught me how to take care of myself. In your day-to-day life of classes, extracurricular activities, tests, and relationships, is Abe Lincoln really influencing your behavior? If he is, fine. If he is, fine. If not, rethink your answer and work to speak from the heart. Finally, I strongly express my Physics’ teacher had the greatest influence on my future prosperity due to his character and knowledge, and the turning point on my life started when I studied in high school.

Describe a person who has had a significant influence on your life. "Don't just say it, do it" that’s what my Dad would say every single day of his life. Ever since I could understand him he would always say to me, “Do you know how lucky you are, you have a future ahead of you.”.

'My mom has definitely been the greatest influence on my life. She grew up as the youngest girl in a dairy farming family of eight, received her teaching degree, got married, and after months of a not-so-easy pregnancy, brought me into this world.

Dec 01,  · I mean people who inspired you to turn around and change your life for the better. Role models. It can be a famous people, someone you know, a fictional charcter.

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Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why
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