Tata nano pricing strategy

At one level Tata might well compete with two-wheeler manufacturers - Ratan Tata has admitted that Nano has been inspired by the vision of middle-class Indian families, complete with children, balanced precariously on two-wheelers.

Tata Motors Marketing Mix

The promotional strategy in the marketing mix of Tata Motors is carried out in the form of TV, Newspapers, and electronic media. Being able Tata nano pricing strategy do that Tata nano pricing strategy years down the line since Indica is quite a feat.

Recent reports, though, indicate that Tata is the frontrunner. The product portfolio in the marketing mix of Tata Motors also covers brands like Jaguar and Land Rover. No, says the expert. But global auto manufacturers can do it more regularly because they recover their investments faster, given their access to larger markets," says an industry analyst.

Indian buyers may prefer the M for its good resale value," points out a Mumbai-based auto analyst. It also signed film celebrities as brand ambassador for its commercial vehicle business. A reaction from a wounded Maruti [ Get Quote ], the market leader, could be devastating, warn analysts.

To distribute its vehicles, it has partnered with various distributors across India and the service centres are well equipped with the spare parts and accessories. InTata Motors went international and is selling vehicles in more than 50 countries. Internationally, media reports are a mixed bag.

Tata Motors may not be able to take advantage of its low-cost manufacturing skills in the premium end - Ford may be unwilling to sell to a company that could shut plants in the UK immediately after the acquisition, given that trade unions play a vital role in clearing or opposing a deal.

Is Tata Motors ‘Emotional’ About The Nano Project?

Tata Motors has the third largest service and sales network in India. In its focused developed on innovation, Tata Motors had unveiled electric versions of Tata Indica car and Tata Ace commercial vehicle that runs on lithium batteries.

In addition, Tata Motors follow stringent Quality norms and abides by the rules laid down by the regulatory agencies. Will the company be able to pull it off? He adds that the country has an edge in terms of labour cost and flexibility that put India in the best place as far as the Asia-Pacific region is concerned.

It is also involved in the sales of Pre — Owned Cars and provides features such as extended warranty. Its products ranges from trucks, cars, passenger vans, buses military vehicles and construction equipment. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.

However, the technology that propels top-end cars is changing.

Tata Motors is involved in manufacturing of vehicles in categories that include cars Hatchback, Sedan and utility vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Municipal Solutions, and Defence and homeland security. Also, the acquisition can give Tata Motors access to a readymade product pipeline and technology.

Compare that with India - just 1 million units a year, although the market is growing rapidly and is expected to touch 3 million units by source: To endorse its passenger vehicles globally, Tata Motors declared Lionel Messi as their brand Ambassador.

In most developed car markets, even the small car hatchback is no longer a sub-1, cc car, but a more powerful 1-litre 1, ccif not 1.

Globalization of Tata Motors: Strategic Plan for the Future

They will get better operating efficiency," he says. The lower pricing of Tata Nano also resulted in consumers perceiving it as a cheap product. Tata Motors has a diverse portfolio, which means a diverse pricing strategy.

Tata Tata nano pricing strategy is unlikely to follow the Toyota-Lexus route and wait for three decades before attacking the luxury car market with its own brand. Tata Motors ranks in top four passenger vehicle brands in India.

Tata Motors is the prime sponsor of many events and it helped in creating awareness about its new product Tata Tiago in the minds of the consumers.

The Nano could also give Tata Motors crucial global-scale volumes and access to a larger distribution network, besides helping it to churn its models faster.

Typically, Indian car models roll out of plants for a far longer time than any global car. True, the Tata Nano, much like the Indica, was developed at a cost of Rs 1, crore, including the cost of the plant that will build it.

The surge in demand and access to more markets means that Indian car makers will be able to develop cars with better technology, much like their global peers. The Nano may meet not just the requirements of the Indian market, particularly in the smaller, tier-three and tier-four towns, but could also find a huge export market in other South Asian, African or Latin American countries.

On his part, Tata would prefer to not be distracted by such remarks, as the development of the Nano has seen opposition from various quarters; politicians, environmentalists, competitors. An industry observer says that marketing skills is certainly one extra.

In comparison, for a global manufacturer, it may take just three or four years. Post the takeover, will the Tatas be left with obsolete technology?Tata Motors defended its strategy for manufacturing the Nano, but did not comment on the hatchbacks future.

Here’s the possible reason why. Pricing Strategy Used by Tata Motors. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, In case of TATA NANO, management used penetration pricing, since their objective was market development by encouraging those people to use cars, who were previously unable to buy cars because of high prices.

Pricing Strategy if Nano is launched in. While Maruti is already working on re-pricing its cheapest offering – Maruti – aggressively, Bajaj Auto has firmed up plans to enter into the Show More.

Related. Tata Nano Case Analysis More about Tata Nano - Strategy, Impact on the Automobile Industry. Tata Nano Case Analysis Words | 16 Pages; Tata Nano Words | 9. Analysis of Marketing Strategy for Tata Nano. Published on June 22, ; Pricing related issues: In the year Tata motors re-launched Tata Nano with all new features and advertising.

Tata Motors entered the advanced Korean Market by acquiring Daewoo, with which it has tremendous synergies in terms of product strategy and R & D.

Tata Motors has planned to use this merger and leverage the technology for developing a World Truck for India and international markets. Q&A: Market Strategies for Renault Logan, Tata Nano, and Datsun Words | 11 Pages.

Logan offers a medium-level quality with a cheaper price than its competitors; it is a “good-value pricing strategy”.

Tata nano pricing strategy
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