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The population oscillated between eight and twelve thousand inhabitants and for this population 35 brothels have been counted this includes the different types of brothel which include those in private houses but it is interesting to compare this figure with the quantity of bakeries at the time - also There are no other images of imperial subjects known in Roman painting.

The electoral propaganda urged the citizens to vote for one candidate or another and were usually professionally written in red or black script. The Writing on the Wall Graffiti The walls of the houses in Pompeii are covered in a multitude of inscriptions, either electoral propaganda or general graffiti.

Second style[ edit ] Still life in the Second style. Thus, the foreground is rather precise while the background is somewhat indistinctly purple, blue, and gray. This technique consists of highlighting elements to pass them off as three-dimensional realities — columns for example, dividing the wall-space into zones — and was a method widely used by the Romans.

Panels were also used with floral designs on the walls. Most people have heard of the city of Pompeii and the natural disaster that preserved it so well under a deep layer of ash.

Reading the Writing on Pompeii’s Walls

There are around three thousand such electoral inscriptions in Pompeii. From the Villa di Guilia Felice.

Pompeian Styles

Some writers believed them to be from Ethiopia, others from India. The colors warm up once again, and they are used to advantage in the depiction of scenes drawn from mythology.

In 79AD Mount Vesuvius near Naples erupted and covered the ancient town of Pompeii and its surrounding countryside in lava and ash.

So far 55 rooms have been excavated and the excavations have confirmed an ulterior extension to the villa. Decoration had to give the greatest possible impression of depth.

But one has only to walk through the streets of the excavated quarter to sense the difference in atmosphere: Fashionable particularly from the 40s BC onwards, it began to wane in the final decades BC. It obeyed strict rules of symmetry dictated by the central element, dividing the wall into 3 horizontal and 3 to 5 vertical zones.

The town seems to have been oriented to a warm consideration of sensual matters: Some local commerce it did of course have.

Basically, the more developed Second Style was the antithesis of the First Style. Delicate motifs of birds or semi-fantastical animals appeared in the background.

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One of the most curious buildings recovered was in fact a Lupanar brothelwhich had many erotic paintings and graffiti inside.Explore Ayla Rebekah's board "Pompeii Graffiti" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Pompeii, Ancient romans and Ancient rome. Pompeii, Italy, Wall Art See more.

by S J Pinkney. Reading the Writing on Pompeii’s Walls. Fresco showing a woman so-called Sappho holding writing implements, from Pompeii, Naples National Archaeological Museum ().jpg 3, × 3,; MB Girl with stylus and killarney10mile.com found in killarney10mile.com × ; 13 KB.

Art of Pompeii

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The Pompeian Styles are four periods which are distinguished in ancient Roman mural painting. They were originally delineated and described by the German archaeologist August Mau, –, from the excavation of wall paintings at Pompeii, which is one of the largest group of surviving examples of Roman frescoes.

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