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Neither Mia nor Kim considered Pm ch 13 notes popular in school, and therefore never expected to be the kinds of girls that teenage boys are interested in. Active Themes Mia notices the late hour, and realizes that Shooting Star will probably not be playing their concert to open for Bikini, a popular local indie band, in order to accompany Adam to the hospital.

Knowing that there is no way they would reach the summit by either of those times, climbers Taske and Hutchinson turn back. She finally realizes that they have come together to support one another in the face of the tragedy. But this time there are no ropes are in place. It is a show of solidarity that they cancel the gig to support Adam, and thus Mia as well.

Though Mia is happy Adam has arrived, she is nervous to see how he will react to her injuries. It is the first time he has seen a guide elect not to carry gas or any other equipment. Spending long amounts of time, particularly without oxygen, above the South Col is deadly.

Adam and his band had been in Portland to open for a popular indie band, Bikini. When Adam and Mia begin dating, Mia is worried that Kim will see her new relationship as a threat to their friendship. Hall and Fischer decide to send two Sherpas each ahead of the rest of the climbers to take care of the ropes.

There is some dispute about the turn around time—Hall says he is trying to decide between 1: As they approach the Hillary Step, the infamous vertical ridge, Krakauer notices that Boukreev is not carrying any additional oxygen or a backpack.

He also thinks about the fact that the climbers who continue climbing despite safety, logic and ill health are dangerous, which poses a huge dilemma for Everest climbers. When Kim lets Adam lean on her shoulder, Mia realizes that the separate parts of her life will come together in the precise moments that they need to.

Beidleman, Andy Harris and Boukreev finally decide to install the ropes themselves, but by then there is a line of people waiting.

From the windowsill in the ICU, Mia sees Kim follow Adam into the hospital, and realizes her friend went to find Adam at the concert venue to personally give him the news and escort him to the hospital. As a way to minimize danger, Hall typically relies on fixed rope lines through the Death Zone.

As Mia and Kim both assumed they belonged in the latter category, and that they would have to wait for college for romance, it came as a surprise to both of them when Adam and Mia began dating. However, the night before the summit attempt, no Sherpas left to fasten the ropes. Boukreev says that he began that morning with oxygen and his backpack, but tossed them so as not to take up too much energy.

There, one has to proceed quickly in order to summit before his or her oxygen runs out. Retrieved September 22, The slow pace worries Hall, who is not sure they will be able to reach the summit by the turn around time.

Mia is both excited and scared at the prospect of seeing Adam. Mia recalls another time one of the band members was too distraught to play due to a breakup, and though another drummer offered to take her spot, the band refused and cancelled their tour rather than go on without their band mate.

No one is precisely sure why these plans fell through—perhaps high winds were a factor. He is her number one comfort, outside of her immediate family, and she knows that seeing him will make her choice whether to stay or to leave much harder than it already is. When Mia broke the news to Kim, she already knew, thanks to the gossip circulating their high school.

Despite their wild punk personas, Adam and his band still put each other first, no matter what the cost. Kim told Mia that she supported the relationship, as long as their friendship remains intact.

Their distance continues to make Mia upset until the moment she sees them walk away from the ICU together. The lack of ropes slows the climbers and causes a traffic jam at around 28, feet.Ch.

14 Notes – FINALLY!!! Binomial Distributions are simply situations in which only two different outcomes are possible for each trial. Ex: Shooting free throws in a basketball game. Ex: Having a baby. Ex: Computerized telephone survey successfully calling a residence. Ch. 13 Notes Last modified by.

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