Lewis carrolls amazing ability to turn reality into fantasy

RayStwartsRightPeg April 30, at 7: But Man City knew that they had been in a football match. We need to get a win away from home to cement our Premier League status. English football is going to get the life sucked out of it, like my club. Monday, 30th April By: When we drew at Chelsea I thought we had turned a corner and was looking up the table.

So, to sum up: However I worry that Moyes will go defensive again, and we will miss the chance to really attack a team that may have more of its members looking at the World Cup than the Premier League table. What do you think, please leave all your thoughts in the comments section below the video.

For Mark Noble to say they were too good was a disgrace. So ive seen everything. We still have a dour, quarrelsome and stubbornly old fashioned manager who has clearly now lost control of the players. There will be many more. We have always been that way and always shall be.

He was a very vocal Moyes champion. The trouble is, i can only see the board listening to the fans if we have another shambolic display of the likes we saw at the stadium when we played Burnley.

Can we convince them to look at another option such as Mancini, Rafa or Marco Silva? I am not here to serve as your verbal punchbag — goodbye! Our Board have shown they are not up to it and have sold us short - as they have done since the day they got their grubby hands on the club.

The guy next to me has already given up his ticket. There was also the appalling mismanagement at board level which saw an amateurish attempt to replace Avram Grant, the disgraceful nature of his sacking and yet more second rate signings.

From squad to stadium the problems grow and grow Posted by Hugh5outhon on April 29, in News, Whispers Two years of abject misery and we are three fateful games away from a season which could yet end in relegation! Thats the game where three points were vital and there for the taking!

Yes we need the right amount of financial support to bring in the right players but first and foremost, we need the right manager.

We signed cost effective players rather than trying for bigger names, and have hired a negative manager to try and solve our issues.


I will not renew if we are relegated. The owners have used this blog as an unofficial club voice. Jokanovic please young and attractive football needed with quality added to Arnie rice lanzini and a few others.

We played them at the Etihad and gave them a game. A quick glance at the fixture list for West Ham and their rivals would suggest that the Hammers should just about avoid the drop, but that will most likely fail to paper over the cracks that have begun to show at the London Stadium.

I have been following WH since the mids and never have I witnessed such a dispirited squad as this one. In truth, it looks like the writing is on the wall for Moyes, who seems to have lost the confidence of his players in recent weeks, possibly due to his knack for public criticism.

In contrast, look at Stoke, five points behind us Board out and take that useless piece of s--t of a coach moyes with you. THose are our roots.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin a.

At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win: 49%: b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw.

Lewis carrolls amazing ability to turn reality into fantasy
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