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The government needs legal process—such as a subpoena, court order or search warrant—to force Google to disclose user information.

Yes What can we help you with? LERS is a system in which a verified law enforcement agent can securely submit a legal request for user data, view the status of the submitted request, and download the response submitted by Google.

What kinds of emergency cases? Is the system secure? The DMCA complaint filed against my site was mistaken, and I want to contest it by filing an official counter-notice under 17 U. The law allows us to make these exceptions, such as in cases involving kidnapping Informe oral google bomb threats.

This law was passed inbefore the web as we know it today even existed. How many of these requests result in Google producing some data? We highly encourage our users to try these tools to manage data and digital legacy. It is not enough to just ask us not to disclose the information because we may be required to produce data unless a court tells us otherwise.

We might not give notice when, in our sole discretion, we believe that notice would be counterproductive or exceptional circumstances exist involving danger of death or serious physical injury to any person.

What kinds of data do you disclose for different products? We will also provide a copy of the legal process upon request, although we may have to redact some information before sending it to you.

With such a court order, a government agency can obtain the same information as a subpoena, plus more detailed information about the use of the account. Google, however, requires valid legal process before we will produce data in response to a request from a government agency even if the request is being made on your behalfabsent an emergency situation.

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Wiretap A wiretap order requires a company to hand over information that includes the content of communications in real-time. I have located incorrect information on my business listing My personal information phone number, address etc. To obtain one, a government agency must make a request to a judge or magistrate and meet a relatively high burden of proof: Requests from inside the United States Does a law enforcement agency in the U.

I have found content that may violate my copyright I would like to file a counter to restore ad-serving that was disabled due to an alleged copyright violation.

If you receive a legal request concerning my account, will you tell me about it?

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I would like to report phishing, spam, malware or other abuse on a Google Docs or Drive file I have found content that may violate my copyright I would like to file a counter notice to reinstate content that was removed due to an alleged copyright violation I would like to report a product or service that circumvents a technological protection measure within the meaning of 17 U.

No What can we help you with? They fall into two categories: In many jurisdictions, including the federal system, there is no requirement that a judge or magistrate review a subpoena before the government can issue it. Subpoena Of the three types of ECPA legal process for stored information, the subpoena has the lowest threshold for a government agency to obtain.

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To satisfy legal requirements, a government agency must demonstrate that: An ECPA court order is available only for criminal investigations. Emergency requests must contain a description of the emergency and an explanation of how the information requested might prevent the harm. Unless you take action, like filing an objection with the court, we may have to produce information responsive to the request.

In our notice to you, we will provide information so that you can contact the requesting party with questions about the legal process. Each law enforcement agent accessing the system has a unique user account provisioned by Google and is required to login with 2-step authentication.

Of all the government requests than can be issued under ECPA, wiretap orders are the hardest to obtain. I have an issue with, or a question about the use of trademarks in Google Ads I have found content that may violate my copyright I have a court order declaring certain content unlawful e.

Any information we provide in response to the request is limited to what we believe would help prevent the harm. Yes, we often successfully narrow the scope of requests. What can I do about a request like this? Using the Inactive Account Managerusers can decide what should happen to their data in the event that they have been inactive for a certain period of time.

To receive an ECPA court order, a government agency must present specific facts to a judge or magistrate demonstrating that the requested information is relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation. Google empowers our users to view and control their own data.

LERS is an interface through which approved government authorities can submit legal requests. I would like to report spam, malware, or phishing I would like to report a blog that impersonates me I would like to report the disclosure of private information or private nude images I would like to report harassment and bullying content I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above What can we help you with?El informe del perito concluyó que el edificio tenía muchos defectos de construcción.

The expert's report concluded that the building had many construction defects. Debe contener un título, una descripción breve sobre el objeto del informe, un análisis, unas conclusiones, una recomendación final, con su firma y fecha.

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