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The Broken Eggs

So broken eggs can mean shattered dreams. I still do not think I have done a very good job of this, but I feel that I have improved and Imp 1 pow 1 the broken help my students to improve on this type of activity.

The more support you offer students in this, their first long-term and significant problem-solving and writing activity, the more successful they will be in the subsequent writing activities they will encounter.

This would help students to understand the importance of understanding least common multiple for this problem. With this first POW, students might include both aspects in their problem statements, but over the course of the curriculum, they should gradually move toward an emphasis on the mathematical elements of the POWs.

I would challenge the students to find out why in some cases there were no possibilities. It was difficult for me to solve and in fact, with the time that I put in on my own, my solution was incorrect until I went and discussed the problem with others. You might have one student explain why, for example, the decimal should be.

Acknowledge the effort and courage of the presenter, regardless of the quality of the presentation. A structure Imp 1 pow 1 the broken as work 7 minutes, write for 3 minutes might help students achieve this goal.

Give students ample time to write about what they have accomplished so far today. You can have a bunch of small object I use chemistry cubes and have them represent the eggs. I was too sure of myself. It is not necessary at this time that students find the general expression for all possible solutions, but they should recognize the possibility of multiple solutions.

After all the presentations are over, ask if anyone has anything else to add. Although some students might find a solution during this initial work, this is not an expectation for the first day. I like to say to students, "Imagine the principal walked into class right now and asked you what you were working on.

I also had to push myself to think about how to write out a solution that would prove to someone else that mine was correct. It is best to have your assets scattered among different investments of varying risk categories.

Samples of Student Work Sample 1: A very safe form of energy that has a bi product of Di-Hydrogen Oxide, you know How did you start the problem?

You can see how I set up my Excel sheet below. They should keep notes on how they and their groups work on the problem, as they will be discussing these things in their final write-ups. Point out that these notes will be useful later when they write an explanation of how they solved the problem.

Let them know that they will eventually complete a full "write up" for this problem. Here is a translation from a seventh-century text written by the Hindu mathematician Brahmagupta: If students suggest working on calculators, make sure they have an understanding of what the remainder of 1 will look like as a decimal.

Also included in this convention is usually a giant dancing celebration and competition. Make a big deal of this generalization. You may want to post the five write-up components on the wall. To find solutions to this problem, students must examine multiples of 7 and remainders when dividing by 2 through 6, and reason about patterns in these results.

Supplemental Activity More Broken Eggs extension expands on The Broken Eggs, in which students found a possible number of eggs the farmer might have had when her cart turned over.

Finally, encourage them to make any writing on transparencies large enough to be readable.

What if a baby snapping turtle's egg is broken but is alive?

One part of the write up is called the process. For homework tonight, tell students they will be writing a Problem Statement for the Broken Eggs problem. This class will revisit this problem in a few lessons and spend additional time on math writing to complete the problem write-up.

These numbers could be changed to anything and in some cases, there may not be any possibilities. In later POW presentations, students may find certain sections need less attention, especially given only 5 minutes to present.I rewrote my equation based on this discovery to say (6+7n)+1 because when n=1, the multiple of is 6, which works and after that, it’s every 6+7n that works.

n=0 gives 6, n=1 gives 13, etc. which is what I determined worked. Sep 18,  · Broken Eggs math problem? A farmer is taking her eggs to the market in a cart, but she hits a pothole, which knocks over all the containers of eggs.

Though she is unhurt, every egg is Resolved. imp 1 pow Problem Statement Ok this POW is kind of odd compared to the others.

Bevor Sie fortfahren...

You have to find the maximum pieces of pie you can make with a certain amount of cuts. \n Intent \n. As the first POW, or Problem of the Week, The Broken Eggs is students’ first opportunity to work on a substantial problem over several days and communicate the results of their work in writing, using a format that will carry across the four years of the program.

(See “Problems of the Week” in the Overview to the Interactive Mathematics Program. IMP 1 POW #1 (The Broken Eggs) IMP 1 POW #3 (Checkerboard Squares) Expectations Rubric: Please attach this rubric to your POW.

Note: In order to earn an A, the work must include all five required sections of the POW. IMP POW 1: The Broken Eggs Problem Statement: A farmer’s cart hits a pothole, causing all her eggs to fall out and break. Luckily, she is unhurt. To cover the cost of the eggs, her insurance agent needs to know how many she had.

She can’t remember the number, but can remember some problems she had when packing the eggs.

Imp 1 pow 1 the broken
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