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IELTS Reading Sample (Academic) #10

D Some remains have already been returned. The Aborigine belief that their ancestors can only However, objectors who oppose the return of the artefacts point out that not only is there a This is especially true for multiple-choice questions, matching exercises and other questions where you have limited answer options.

NB You will be told if you need to use any of the people more than once and there may be people you do not need to use. D Not all the Australian artefacts are human remains. B It is not clear what will happen to the remains once they have been returned. B Some items have already been returned to their countries of origin.

Show Answers - Hide Answers Reading Tip With any matching type question, the questions are not in the same order as in the text. A good strategy is to circle or underline the names of each of the people in the text, read what they say carefully and match what they say with the statements in the questions.

Reading paper for this section Questions Choose the TWO best answers according to the text, and write the letters A - E in boxes 1 - 3 on your answer sheet. B Britain had no right to take the remains. First is the fact that the relics were taken during the period when Australia was a A The rightful place for the remains is Australia.

E The remains have religious significance for Aborigines. Do not leave answers blank if you run out of time: C The remains have religious significance for Aborigines. E Aboriginal ancestors cannot find peace unless their remains are laid to rest there.

Aborigines believe that the remains should be returned for a number of reasons. E Some museums do not have the right to return objects to their countries of origin. You can come back to the missing answers later.

Thirdly, the restitution of the remains is an issue of human rights. A The British government is going to discuss the return of Aboriginal items. Whether or not you are knowledgeable about the topic should not make any difference to your answers.

Remember to answer all the questions using information from the passages.I bought the IELTS Assist General writing task at $ I did not get any email of the task. However i downloaded it and completed but i was not given any information of how or which email address to send it to for marking.

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Ielts writing australia network 10
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