Guide for assignment presentation

Interpret Expand the meaning of a particular issue or event. Understanding this will ensure that your assignment meets fully the requirements of the brief and addresses the key issues included within it. Guidelines for Presentations Equal Participation Each team member should contribute equally.

The Appendix is not a waste bin for all the materials you have come across in your research, or a way of making your assignment seem somewhat heavier and more impressive than it is.

You may use notes when you make your presentation, but you may not read from a fully written out text. This must be well structured and divided into sections, which are clearly labelled. Below is a suggested layout that might assist you when presenting your assignments.

Logical planning and sequence.

Presentation Assignment Example

Punctuation Why use it? Discuss your results with your team members. You should use it to ensure that you have met the aims and objectives, assignment brief and tasks related to the actual assignment. Brackets are always used in pairs.

Two commas should be used, like brackets, either side of the phrase as it always was. Consider these factors very carefully. Your student number is to be inserted into the footer of the document to assist with identification of lost pages if submission errors occur.

You will need the following ingredients: Please take these presentations seriously as we will often use them as starting point for our class discussions.

To pass the task you need to explored the organisational structures and cultures of the two organisations and prepared a suitable comparison in terms of the unit content requirements — types of organisation and associated structures, organisational networks and linkages, organisational culture.

Internal consistency is achieved by thoroughness and attention to detail in the presentation of work. Each unit will be graded as a pass, merit or distinction. The group presentation provides four areas of focus: Any single assignment however, as with BTEC Higher Nationals, will only be able to indicate that the learners has achieved some of the descriptors, say M1 and D2 unless it is a project style assessment that covers the whole unit i.

It provides an indication of the level of research, reading and collecting of relevant information that has taken place in order to fulfil the requirements of the assignment task.

A strong adjective usually takes commas after each one except the last — old, crabby, pedantic Dr Johnson. Pairs of commas should be used when however, say, meanwhile and for instance are interjected into sentences — he might be paid, say,?

You must adhere to the stipulated word count for your assignment. The general rule is: Summarise Give a brief overview of the key points of a matter, omitting details and examples.

The approach taken in the example above shows how the indicative criteria can be adapted to better fit the work being undertaken in the task. You should establish the nature of the information required, follow up possible sources, the time involved in obtaining the information and likely gaps in information.

Compare Describe the similarities and differences and evaluate likely outcomes. The collaborative group presentation will require you to: No justification of text on the right hand margin.

Guide for Assignment Presentation

Tentatively plan the presentation in its general outlines. You will therefore need to consider its strengths and weaknesses, why it succeeded or failed, the issues that have affected it, what can you learn from it and, importantly, how can you improve performance or sustain it in the future.

Griffith University Cover Page: It is to guide the reader in the natural pauses in writing. Set priorities You should set priorities on a daily and weekly basis not just for study, but for your life.

For Assignment-Based Assessment process, you should stay with traditional formats.Guide Contributors. Authors & Contributors. Presentation Assignment Example.

The following is an example of an individual presentation assignment and a group presentation. The individual presentation assignment explains that students will give two presentations over the semester on a topic of the student's choice.

The student should. The assignment presentation format should directly meet the requirements of the assignment brief (i.e. reports and presentations are the most called for communication formats). You must ensure that your assignment does not appear to. This Guide to Presentation of Assignments has been written to assist you to receive the highest possible mark on your written assignment submissions to the Disciplines within the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Assignment presentation formatting guidelines. Assignment Presentation Formatting Exemplar. Proof-reading and editing. Proof-reading Checklist. Research report writing. (with selected resources adapted from the Health Writing and. Note: You will still need to format these assignment template documents according to the Griffith Health Assignment Presentation Formatting Guidelines set out here.

Title Page: The above table has been adapted from the APA Style Guide to. The Guide to assignment presentation provides recommendations on these aspects of assignment writing and is meant to be a working example of assignment presentation.

Guide for assignment presentation
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