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MSc African Studies Dissertation

Drawing from Butler, I describe transformation in terms of socio-political power, psychic processes, and practices of critical inquiry. Rather than collapsing or evading the relationship between the two principles, these four dilemmas demonstrate a constellation of common forms in which the task of practical reasoning might be worked out.

Why do some of these occupations endure, while others end? The case of Rwanda Where are you really from? By identifying important causal conditions of apology reception, this project aims to contribute to our empirical knowledge of state apologies and to further specify the relationship between apology and political reconciliation.

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The Making of Modern Citizens: The findings identify ways the family environment protects youth from greater aggression and hostility and suggest ways to decrease the potential for youth mobilization in protracted conflict.

During the past 50 years, these countries moved away from treating arms embargoes as a nuisance they reluctantly navigated—and sometimes violated—to championing them as policy instruments.

These homegrown modernities were typified by the most prominent volunteer and autonomous transnational movement in Eastern Europe during state-socialism — the constructed international language Esperanto.

A Degree of Controversy: I use multi-archival research in the United States, England, Israel, and the West Bank to track how American private voluntary organizations or PVOs and British colonial authorities deployed a shared strain of rural development among Palestinian Arabs amidst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


For our second hypothesis, we used a structural equation modeling approach to test a model in which parental trust mediated the relationship between the aforementioned independent variables and adolescent self-disclosure.

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Defining Critical Feminist Justpeace: Zimbabwean migrant township artists in Cape Town African Peacekeeping: I then test my theory by analyzing two cases of military occupation that share several important similarities: This dissertation consists of an introduction and three papers which use quantitative methods to study several aspects of this argument.

Peace and Conflict Studies, M.S.Sc.

The historical studies set into relief the figure of the contemporary American soldier, whose essence—I argue—is to be an object of pity.

Who is thinking of the future of civil society in Kenya? Does Violence Begat Violence? The theory, in essence, is that nonviolent campaigns better facilitate popular participation, which simultaneously serves to mobilize more potent campaigns and encourage democratic governance.

Through comparative process-tracing, I ascertain how conditions at the three levels of analysis interact to result in these divergent outcomes. Quantitative testing provides some limited support for this theory.

Ethnographies of South African Cultures, Swazi land issues: The dilemmas of coal for South Africa, with special reference to Eskom Buying back the past: We honor the deadlines you set.

Armed with Good Intentions? Does Microfinance Lift or leave the Poor?Requirements for a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies This programme is usually completed within three years. A PhD thesis should not exceedwords and must be a thorough, comprehensive and original study of a topic or issue which makes a significant contribution to the knowledge of the particular field.

MSc African Studies Dissertation.

Completed Dissertations

Dissertation Titles. MSc African Studies students are required to write a dissertation of not more than 15, words. Past dissertations are available for consultation in the Terence Ranger Reading Room at the African Studies Centre.

Killing the news and keeping the peace: The Case of Kenya. Oct 25,  · Research thesis topics of students in the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at The University of Sydney, Australia. Dissertations in peace studies Kasia Daley March 30, He talks his master's thesis topics political integrity notre dame peace studies gnh research methods.

Krampe, welcome to justice studies certificate after most universities researching and. The distinction between peace “signing” and peace “building” lies at the center of this dissertation. The inherent tension in the refrain points to the ways grassroots leaders in Montes de María understand their daily work for peace as related to – yet separate from – the national accords.


90 credits in peace and conflict studies or 90 credits in an adjacent relevant subject and 30 credits in peace and conflict studies or corresponding experience; and; documented written independent academic work (i.e.

one or several academic essays or papers in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian, or translated into any of these languages).

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Dissertations in peace studies
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