Conscientiousness essay

That is to organize my stuff and my working schedule etc. Time management has helped me to get my thing in proper order and due to that I have been able to get high grades in the assignments that I have submitted to my professors on time and I am also receiving good grades in my examinations too, which makes me one step closer to my goals.

If I have self-discipline I will be able to handle all kinds of work pressure or work load and having order in my life will be able to help me organize things for easy use in the future. Self-discipline can Conscientiousness essay defined as an action that you take or do regardless of your emotional Conscientiousness essay of your mind, if your self-discipline is strong you will be able to achieve your goals without any struggle.

I had to develop time management skills and change myself so that I could reach my goals. Introduction As we know that coming back to the academic field is not an easy task that can be achieved if you have been absent from it for a long period of time. When I started this semester I though it would be very easy but as time went on I realized the fact that it was not.

As now I am able to time manage myself, I find more time to go to the library and do some research or just sit there and do some extra study, or study for a quiz or have time to work on my reports or research papers that are due at the end of each semester.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Hire Writer I am very eager to develop my career and myself. But as you know that getting an education can be very hard. There was a time when I felt that everything and everyone was trying to stop me from my reaching my goals.

The journey while completing MBA is full of obstacles. Other than my personal problems the other thing that was bigger obstacle in that was stopping I to reach my goal was time management and self-discipline.

Conscientiousness Essay

I was in a situation whether to go over these things or these things going over me and all my dreams. I always thought the school life is easier than practical life but in actual it is the other way round.

Action Plan Now that I am able to handle time management, I can start to work on my other weaknesses such as order and self-discipline.

The amount of work listed on my syllabus overwhelmed me and I had to find some way to handle all of my work that was assigned to me.

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And if I am able to maintain my self-discipline then those check will happen only once a month. I will be in a good position to apply for jobs of my interest and I will feel more confident in my ability and knowledge. But when you get the right kind of education it would be a major asset when climbing the corporate ladder, which was my main objective.

When I joined Kingston MBA I thought that was my last chance to succeed in my goals but as you know that getting an education can be very hard. I will try my level best to be successful in achieving my goals by the time I graduate in My friend will conduct her checks 3 times in a week and if I was making progress then even those checks will decrease.

It needs a lot of hard work and attention.The Big Five model is an inventory tool which is very helpful in assessing one’s personality by evaluating five dimensions; these attributes are conscientiousness, openness to experience, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

6 Signs You Have A Conscientious Personality, According To The Big Five Personality Traits. Extraversion, agreeableness, openness to experience, neuroticism, and conscientiousness.

The FFM. In this particular theory, Conscientiousness is part of agreeableness and that the factor trait impulsiveness, and that conscientiousness is a planful, persistent, /5(1).

Conscientiousness in Derek Jeter Personality Analysis Author Note This paper was prepared for Personality Psychologytaught by Dr, Kaplan.


Derek Jeter, one of the most respected and admired players and leaders in baseball, is driven by the personality trait conscientiousness. Conscientiousness: A review Introduction: A major contribution of our personality is an essential trait known as Conscientiousness.

Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Personality, Intelligence And Perception - Personality, Intelligence and Perception The twenty-first century has proved to be one of globalization and technology which has connected the world in an unprecedented way.

Conscientiousness essay
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