Cancer and the immune system essay

Unravelling the biological machinery that achieves this was a signature achievement of 20th Century immunology.

Managing this threat depends on understanding how to maximize the potential of our sophisticated immune system in the service of human health.

Cancer: Immune System and Damaged Cells Essay Sample

How can you forestall malignant neoplastic disease? Another method of improving the likely outcome of treatment is through the combination of other conventional treatments or of combining different immunotherapies.

It allows T cells to be able to recognize the antigens of the cancer cells and destroy them. It is hopeful that in time the use of IL-2 will be improved upon. The other end sticks to the germ or damaged cell and helps to kill it.

The first data for this treatment was obtained using rats. Cancer Vaccines One novel immunotherapy in development is the use of therapeutic vaccines. But this must be carried out one key at a time. Moreover, some infections cannot be killed off reliably by the immune system.

Coley realized that in some patients with cancer who had also contracted bacterial infections at the same time, the cancer would begin to recede. In meeting all of these kinds of assault, there is a middle path that an immune response must keep to, between too much destruction and not enough.

The antibody receptor, also called an immunoglobulin Igwas the first antigen-specific receptor to be characterized and is commonly drawn as a Y-shaped cartoon. The main problem with traditional therapies is that the side effects can be extremely debilitating.

Further Research While there are already a number of immunotherapies that are being developed, and used in treatments, there is still a lot to be discovered. People with weak immune systems are likely to get specific cancers, but people with normal immune systems are still likely to get cancer.

Immunotherapy is sometimes used with other treatments to treat cancer or is used by itself. White blood cells analysed by routine blood tests. Unfortunately with this treatment there can be a severe side effect of toxicity. Immunotherapy is a treatment used for cancer and other diseases that uses specific parts of the immune system to fight cancer.

This therapy consists of the treatment of a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient instead of using harmful drugs and surgery. Avoiding smoking cigarettes and exposure to smoke will decrease the chances of getting lung cancer. Therefore, they will not weaken their immune system and live a longer and healthier life.

Essay on the Immune System and Cancer

Sometimes these gene programmes change the cytokines that cells secrete, sometimes they change the pattern of receptors on the surface and sometimes they change how resistant the cell is to infection. How mammals achieve this complex task is the story of an integrated system of biological processes, often using strategies that surprised their discoverers, whose elegance and power continue to provide new insights for students of immunology young and old.

These side effects can be prevented with medication, growth factors, and transfusions. Liposomes are tiny fat bubbles that are injected into the body to empty plasmid DNA contents into cells. All of these different responses rely on the selective expression of specific families of genes.

Many sorts of malignant neoplastic disease start because of the out of control growing of unnatural cells. The problem is that they are both difficult and expensive to develop.

Unfortunately sometimes it can reoccur and sometimes it can be metastatic cancers that are capable of spreading around the body.

They attach themselves to the cells and slow down the rate of cell division, and break down the barriers that protect them from the immune system.

The ability to learn how to recognize these previously unknown structures implied that the immune system had solved the problem of how to classify and recall the shapes of individual molecules. It uses natural body substances, or drugs made from natural body substances, to treat cancer.

Both of these cancers can be lethal and are extremely resilient. This is activated when the non-specific response has not been sufficient. Conventional vaccines work by introducing a weakened strain of an illness into the body so that immune system will be able to build up antibodies to the stronger strain.

The treatment would also sometimes only begin to work long after dosage, so the patient would have to be monitored for an extended period of time. Essay UK - http: Chemotherapy can temporarily reduce the number of neutrophils in the body, making it harder for you to fight infections.

Interleukins also occur naturally and work to enhance the immune system. These drawbacks can sometimes outweigh the benefits of IL Eighty-eight patients with advanced melanoma took part in the clinical trials.

Lastly, getting screened for cancer regularly will be useful for detecting cancer and will also prevent it.The term "immune system"—as recognized by scientists—refers to the enormously complex interaction of many types of cells (T-cells, B-cells, N-K cells, helper cells, suppressor cells, macrophages, etc.), cell products (many lymphokines, cytokines and cytotoxins), other substances (chemicals, hormones), and physical agents (X-rays.

The immune system performs the functions of neutralizing viruses, bacteria and fungi; it recognizes potentially harmful substances that get inside the body from the environment; and provides support necessary to fight somehow changed cells, e.g. cancerous cells. - The Immune System The immune system is a network of organs that contain cells which recognize foreign substances and destroys them.

All living organisms are exposed to harmful substances and most can protect themselves in several ways, either with physical barriers or chemicals that repel and kill them. The immune system is important to cancer patients in many ways because: cancer can weaken the immune system; cancer treatments may weaken the immune system; the immune system may help to fight cancer; Cancer and treatments may weaken immunity.

Cancer can weaken the immune system by spreading into the bone marrow. The study of the relationship and interactions between the immune system and cancer or malignant cells is known as cancer immunology.

Immune System

A malignancy refers to cancerous cells that have the potential to invade and destroy tissue. Anatomy: Immune System and Lymphoid Tissues Lymphoid Essay.

The Lymphoid System and Immunity Dr. Jim Aston Bacteria, viruses, parasites, allergens, foreign chemicals, and even cancer cells are agents called pathogens that can cause disease.

Cancer and the immune system essay
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