Analysis of fertilizer off take and industry

One immediate consequence was that in he patented a manure formed by treating phosphates with sulfuric acid, and thus was the first to create the artificial manure industry.

Global Fertilizer Market Segmentation by Geography InAsia-Pacific dominated the global fertilizer market, with a share of about A factory based on the process was built in Rjukan and Notodden in Norway, combined with the building of large hydroelectric power facilities.

The fertiliser industry is also carrying out several schemes, including energy saving and de-bottlenecking in their current plants to improve the capacity and reduce the energy consumption per ton of product. There would be no short-term direct impact of floods as sowing for the Rabi season starts in September-October However, the fertilizer companies will experience negative consequences in the long term.

Excess use of chemical fertilizers has led to the pollution and contamination of the soil. Due to greater use of debt, the times-interest-earned ratio of FFC has also reduced from This increase in sales is attributed to the fact that in order to meet the growing demand of feed for the growing population, FFC was operating its business at full capacity.

Overall, the profitability of FFC has improved significantly during ; this increase in profitability ratios indicates that FFC has high growth prospects for the future.


Nitrogen-containing fertilizers can cause soil acidification when added. Finally, potassium helps the plant produce more carbohydrates, which will consequently increase its resistance against different types of diseases.

Hence, we can see that in the overall profitability of FFC has gone up.

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Economic survey of Pakistan, Having a strong financial position company can start production of the new product line. However, FFCL also takes measures to mitigate the threats that it faces. It has a global warming potential times larger than an equal mass of carbon dioxide and it also contributes to stratospheric ozone depletion.

History of fertilizer Management of soil fertility has been the preoccupation of farmers for thousands of years.

The effects can be combined into an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide.

Pakistan assistance strategy report, Threats The manufacturing costs pertaining to the fertiliser industry were impacted by inflationary factors, combined with escalations in the prices of feed and fuel gas The Dawn, Shortages of natural gas in the country can limit the opportunities for the company in future The Financial Daily, New competitors in the industry like Fatima Fertiliser Company can reduce the market share of FFCL The Nation, PEST analysis Political To fulfill local demand for fertilisers at affordable prices, the Government is providing subsidy on the production and import of fertilisers.

Consequently, the widespread use of phosphate fertilizers has increased soil fluoride concentrations. Technological In order to meet the expectation of fertilisers in the country, a strong technological base is required in the planning and development of specific engineering and expertise in project management and execution.

In terms of asset management, FFC has shown an improvement over last year, the inventory turnover has been reduced from 7 to 2 days. Owing to the improvement in the efficiency of nitrogen absorption by plants due to technological innovations in fertilizers and their timely applicationthere is a reduction in the frequency of application of nitrogen fertilizer to plants, thus leading to economies of scale to the farmers.

Import by manufacturers of Rock Phosphate and Phosphorous of fertiliser free of customs duty. Total imports of phosphate fertilizers were kT as compared to 99kT last year.

Domestic fertilizer demand would also be impacted by the floods. Finance cost decreased from Rs million to Rs million. Organic agriculture avoids synthetic agrochemicals. When a hard polymer is used as the secondary coating, the properties are a cross between diffusion-controlled particles and traditional sulfur-coated.

There are some weaknesses, like lengthy hierarchy, that can create administrative problems. The Government is providing a subsidy on the production and import of fertilisers.

Although sales of imported fertilizers were lower than last year, FFC ended the year by selling 2. Bio-fertilizer is an effective solution to the issue and has increased demand from regions such as the Asia-Pacific, due to the export prospects of organic crops, as well as, from Europe.Analysis of Fertilizer Off-Take and Industry Dynamics in Pakistan Words | 18 Pages.

CONCLUSION 10 REFERENCES 12 APPENDIX 13 Appendix I – Data on Fertilizer Off-take 13 Appendix II – Data on Fertilizer Prices 14 Appendix III – Limitations of Study 15 ANALYSIS OF FERTILIZER OFF-TAKE AND INDUSTRY DYNAMICS IN PAKISTAN.

Factors that will affect domestic fertilizer off-take in will be water availability, fertilizer prices, fertilizer imports, Government fertilizer related policies and crop production/ prices (cotton, rice, wheat and sugarcane).

SWOT Analysis of an Indian Fertilizer Industry India is primarily an agriculture based economy. The agricultural sector and its other associated spheres provide employment to a large section of the country's population and contribute about 25% to the GDP.3/5(2).

Fertilizer Industry With almost one-fourth of Pakistan’s GDP contributed by Despite weak agronomics and decline in global commodity prices, fertilizer off-take (consumption/ demand) in Pakistan increased in FY15 vis-à-vis the. Analysis of Fertilizer Off-Take and Industry Dynamics in Pakistan Essay Data on Fertilizer Off-take 13 Appendix II – Data on Fertilizer Prices 14 Appendix III – Limitations of Study 15 ANALYSIS OF FERTILIZER OFF-TAKE AND INDUSTRY DYNAMICS IN PAKISTAN Abstract: This study has been conducted to.

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Analysis of fertilizer off take and industry
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