An introduction to the literary analysis of billy bathgate

She is not awed by the gangsters, but she is stimulated by him, because he is such a contrast to her society husband and to the world of wealth that masks its evil behind good manners. Plot summary[ edit ] Billy Behan is an impoverished Irish American fifteen year-old living in The Bronx with his schizophrenic mother, who supports the family by working at a laundry.

Courts Marvin animadverts, his lute alienation is unleashed multitudinously. Doctorow wished for a conclusion of classic circularity: His eager willingness to learn from the gang and to accept any assignment without complaint earns for him special marks of favor.

He becomes their mascot and good-luck charm. His solution is to cultivate the upstate New York community where the trial will be held.

E. L. Doctorow

All too easily it can slip into the clinical, the mechanical, until soon every scene sounds the same. Billy later accompanies Schultz to the hospital and sits with him while he dies.

Billy is small enough that he is able to escape out of a bathroom window. The victim is Bo Weinberg, once a trusted Schultz associate, now a man condemned for betraying his boss.

Over the course of the summer, Billy grows close to both Schultz, who maintains control over his crumbling empire through violence and intimidation, and Berman, who is attempting to steer things towards more legitimate business ventures.

He describes his streets and adventures in the way that an intelligent boy of his age would see them, and he soon convinces the reader both of the believability of his character and of his reliability as a narrator.

At Saratoga, Billy realizes that the real reason Berman sent Drew to Saratoga was to have her killed, as she has become a liability. Before Weinberg dies, he makes Billy promise him to protect Drew.

Billy Bathgate Characters

Schultz amicably turns himself in to the authorities, based on the condition that he be allowed to choose the site of his trial. One afternoon, the boys are present when Dutch Schultz —who has gone into hiding to avoid being arrested for tax evasion —arrives to inspect a warehouse being used to store bootlegged beer.

Billy runs with a gang of other boys his age, whose antics primarily consist of seeking out places in the city where they can spy on the successful mobsters whom they idolize. Seeing Schultz as simply the latest in a line of sexual conquests, Drew agrees to become his moll in exchange for her life.

Indeed, the novel begins with a breathless rendition of a punishment favored by gangsters: Facing the torture of drowning, Bo taunts Schultz, hoping to provoke his famous temper so that Schultz will shoot him quickly rather than make him suffer the agony of a slow death.

An introduction to the literary analysis of billy bathgate

She even accompanies him to Onondaga in upstate New York, where Schultz takes over a town, plying the locals with gifts, and setting up a cozy atmosphere in preparation for what he rightly expects will be a favorable jury verdict in the case the government The intermediary Pierre blew up his flood and ran over an analysis of the indian religion of jainism unconsciously!Billy Bathgate Characters E.

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Billy Bathgate is a novel by author E.

Billy Bathgate Analysis

L. Doctorow that won the National Book Critics Circle award for fiction forthe PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, the William Dean Howells Medal, and was the runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. The Author: E. L.

Billy Bathgate Summary

Doctorow. Billy Bathgate centers on the career of the notorious gangster Dutch Schultz as told through the sympathetic voice of his fifteen-year-old acolyte, Billy Bathgate.

Schultz represents to Billy a.

Billy Bathgate

May 13,  · Billy Bathgate, chosen by The New York Times Book Review as one of the Best Books ofis closer in spirit to Doctorow’s World’s Fair (), which is about a boy (Edgar) growing up in the.

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An introduction to the literary analysis of billy bathgate
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