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A bigger issue for health plans is the potential negative effects from patients obtaining and using counterfeit medications without getting the clinical benefit of the drugs. US Food and Drug Administration.

US Department of Justice. There are reports of counterfeit drugs in the market, counterfeit food, counterfeit clothes and almost every product. Recently, there has been a discovery of new tests that could be used on U.

Criminal organizations and terrorists use counterfeits as their main source of finance. Drug manufacturers need to improve the quality of the production process to decrease drug shortages. The issue of counterfeit drugs has been growing in the United States with the supply of these counterfeit drugs coming from all over the world.

It also aims to identify the phenomenon of likeability as it appears in different cultures. Objective To review the health and economic consequences of counterfeit drugs on the US public and on the healthcare system as a whole.

A recent survey by the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research showed that consumers strongly believe that An essay on counterfeit in america sale of counterfeit medicines can pose serious health risks to American consumers. MarkMonitor finds online drug brand abuse is growing.

When it comes to buying drugs from online pharmacies, consumers should heed the old Latin phrase, caveat emptor—let the buyer beware. Conclusion Counterfeit drugs pose a public health hazard, waste consumer income, and reduce the incentive to engage in research and development and innovation.

Intellectual property protections provide the ability for society to prosper from innovation. Internet pharmacies, which are often the source of counterfeit drugs, often falsely portray themselves as Canadian, to enhance their consumer acceptance.

The insulin used by these patients had been stolen and was not stored or handled properly, thus losing its potency. Police spokespersons explained to the public in media reports that the currency notes were printed on paper Australia introduced Polymer banknotes in and could be easily detected by scrunching up the note or tearing it.

Organizations such as the Mexican drug cartel, the Yakuza, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other criminal groups depend on counterfeit goods sales for their funding.

The burden of determining whether a drug is counterfeit lies with the ultimate dispenser of the drug to a patient. Finally, counterfeit drugs may raise concerns among consumers about safety and reduce patient medication adherence.

The Moustakas model focuses on the idea that the "wholeness of experience" should form the essence of the research Simon, Counterfeiting is used by criminal organization for them to get funds to fund their illegal activities Madsen, 1. Is there a reality of likeability or is likeability always merely a perception?

CNBC; October 4, The recently enacted drug security law is an important step in the right direction. The Fed, rather than interpret the appreciation of the dollar as a sign of an impending crisis, complacently chose to regard it as a vote of confidence in the wisdom of its disastrously tight monetary policy.

The extreme forms of punishment were meted out for acts of treason against state or Crownrather than simple crime. What I probably meant was that the US Secret Service is pretty good at tracking down counterfeiters, so that it would not be a good career choice for you to pursue that line of work.

I cannot help recalling that when I discovered this blog, I made a comment admiring the writing, and calling for massive counterfeiting. Conclusion Counterfeit products are a huge problem to the society; this problem affects all aspects of the society, political, economic and social.

Inauthorities in 53 countries confiscated 8. Governments the world over are trying to fight this menace because of the economic impacts it has on the world economies. Adding to the problems are drug shortages, which facilitate access for counterfeits.

When patients are concerned about the out-of-pocket costs of pharmaceuticals, providers and health plans need to be aware of the risk associated with the use of a secondary market to obtain their medications in an effort to save money.

An example of this is the Portuguese Bank Note Crisis ofwhen the British banknote printers Waterlow and Sons produced Banco de Portugal notes equivalent in value to 0. However, it does not detect sweatingor shaking coins in a bag and collecting the resulting dust.

Especially important in terms of innovation are the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Mike, Good point, but I still think that increasing the number of issuers of bank notes increases the cost of detecting counterfeit notes and increases the incentive to issue counterfeit notes.

Counterfeit drugs involve both lifesaving and lifestyle drugs. The counterfeit contained the controlled substance sibutramine instead of orlistat.

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There are probably more failed currencies than successful ones out there. Innovation is important to economic growth and US competitiveness in the global marketplace, and intellectual property protections provide the ability for society to prosper from innovation. In response, national engraving bureaus began to include new more sophisticated anti-counterfeiting systems such as hologramsmulti-colored bills, embedded devices such as strips, microprinting, watermarks and inks whose colors changed depending on the angle of the light, and the use of design features such as the " EURion constellation " which disables modern photocopiers.Essay Instructions: It is a case paper, I will be providing the "The Counterfeit Case".

The paper is based on international law, patent law, etc. If the writer needs the patent agreements, united nations convention on contracts for the international sale of goods and other material please let me know and i will provide it.

The Health and Economic Effects of Counterfeit Drugs

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Counterfeit money is imitation currency produced without the legal sanction of the state or government. Producing or using counterfeit money is a form of fraud or forgery. Counterfeiting is almost as old as money itself. Read this essay on Counterfeit. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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There has also been evidence of production of counterfeit goods in America. It's a reality that when we look around in our houses, offices, everywhere around us we can count the number of items that are 'made in China'.

From basics to large equipment and even the computers we use every day there is at.

An essay on counterfeit in america
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