An analysis of the detailed reference to at least two poems

If not, readers should consider that translation can alter the language and meaning of a poem. Is the poem part of a special collection or series?

American Poets of the 20th Century

Does the poet emphasize the theme by means of onomatopoeia, personification, or controlling images? Is it a lyric, a short, musical verse? Examples of such series and collections include Edna St.

For example, does it mention a single setting and action, such as W. A summary of the poem should emphasize a pattern of details, sounds, or rhythm.

Or does it seem at odds with the theme? Is the person male or female? Use of the Senses in the Poem Does the poem stress sense impressions — for example, taste, touch, smell, sound, or sight?

Does it imply multiple possibilities? Is it conversational, like a scene from a drama? Is there onomatopoeia, or words that make a sound that imitates their meaning, such as swoosh, ping pong, ricochet, clangor, plash, wheeze, clack, boom, tingle, slip, fumble, or clip-clop, as with the verb "soar" in Edna St.

How has the poet made an impression? Does it dance, frolic, meander, slither, or march? Context of the Poem Clear answers to the following questions can help establish the context of a poem and form the foundation of understanding: Is it a droning monologue, as found in a journal, diary, or confessional?

Do words and phrases stick in their memory? Opening and Closing Lines of the Poem Does the poet place significant information or emotion in these places? Are they emotionally moved or touched by the poem? Drawing Conclusions After answering the questions presented in this introduction, readers should paraphrase or restate the poem in everyday words, as though talking to someone on the telephone.

Why does the mood shift? How do these themes relate to each other? Are they entertained or repulsed, terrified or stirred to agree? Mood and Tone of the Poem What is the mood of the poem? Are there several themes?Discuss with reference to at least two poems.

Wilfred Owen is arguable the greatest of the world war one poets. This is a man who through personal experience offers us not only insight into the astrocities of war but also illustrates the struggle of nature and the mental state these men cross into on the battle field.

Discuss this statement making detailed reference to at least TWO of the poems set for study. Possible question focuses for the future All questions will ask you to analyse the way language techniques are used in the poems.

Aug 18,  · How to Analyze Poetry. Do you feel like reading and analyzing poetry is like trying to decipher an ancient, lost art? Scan the poem for metaphors and similes, as they are often used to create detailed images. You can then reference these aspects in your discussion of certain poems by them%(21).

In your response, make detailed referent to at least TWO of the poems set for study. Base your discussion on close analysis of at least TWO poems. Support your evaluation with detailed reference to at least TWO of the poems prescribed for study. Readers should read through a poem several times, at least once aloud.

If it is a long poem, such as Allen Ginsberg's Howl or Hart Crane's The Bridge, readers should concentrate on key passages and look for repetition of specific words, phrases, or. make detailed reference to at least two of Plath's poems. Carol Ann Duffy: Selected Poems (Core text) (Standing Female Nude, The Other Country, The World's Wife.

An analysis of the detailed reference to at least two poems
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