A comparison of the vxi and pxi automatic test systems

If DSP-based instruments are used, however, then a sample of the signal is made and the other parameters can be computed from the single measurement. Functions that fall into this category include chassis wide clocks, timing and additional control.

ATE tests perform two basic functions. The IEEE bus has long been popular because it is simple to use and takes advantage of a large selection of programmable instruments and stimuli.

It lets users standardize cards and card cages, so they can configure systems as needed. If we have to calculate the peak voltage of an electrical signal and other parameters of the signal, then we have to employ a peak detector instrument as well as other instruments to test the other parameters.

Thus, advantages gained by advancements in the general computer hardware and software industries were not used in VXI. Overview VXI technology has become a very successful test equipment standard. It allows system test engineers to use the feature set of a specialized instrument while keeping the space-saving feature of a mainframe.

Simple electrical interface diagram: Modern instruments rarely use secondary addresses so this puts a device limit on system size.

RS is best suited for laboratory applications compatible with a slower, less rugged connection. HS products have been available from several manufacturers since For most applications, though, GPIB provides ample bandwidth. PXI, however, being based on mainstream PC technology, delivers the advantages of the latest technologies in a small format.

But deciding on the parameters to be tested is a complex decision based on cost vs yield. The number of VXI modules with new functionality has been decreasing in the recent years, while PXI module availability has been rapidly increasing. The PXI specification does not require metal shields on each module; however, PXI vendors do shield sensitive components on their modules where EMI can affect the operation and the accuracy of measurements.

VXI Technology Tutorial

In addition to being a high-performance platform, PXI also offers easy integration of modules because of the common software framework that all PXI modules implement. These systems are widely employed for incoming inspection, quality assurance, and production testing of electronic devices and subassemblies.

This article reviews each of the platforms in detail, discussing their benefits and limitations. Based on the requirement of response-time, real-time systems are also considered for stimulation and signal capturing.

When Is It Best To Use VXI, PXI, Or GPIB For Your System?

It uses a conductor cable with up to two meters between devices, and 20 meters overall length in star Fig. These are both electrical and mechanical. Integrated timing and synchronization help you vastly improve the accuracy of measurements, apply advanced triggering schemes, or synchronize multiple devices to act as one for extremely high-channel-count applications.

In this approach, one "master" instrument runs a test script a small program that controls the operation of the various "slave" instruments in the test system, to which it is linked via a high-speed LAN-based trigger synchronization and inter-unit communication bus.

Scripting is writing programs in a scripting language to coordinate a sequence of actions. VXI technology advantages Each test technology has its own advantages. It may have an analog-to-digital data-acquisition card, counter-timers, and some digital-to-analog converter analog outputs in a PXI chassis, while still needing a precision digital multimeter to switch and make multiple precision measurements—all running on an Ethernet backbone.

The introduction of digital controllers and programmable test equipment created a need for a standard, high-speed interface for communication between instruments and controllers from various vendors.The mass interconnect is a connector interface between test instruments (PXI, VXI, LXI, GPIB, SCXI, & PCI) and devices/units under test (D/UUT).

This section acts as a nodal point for signals going in/out between ATE and D/UUT. VXI: THE TEST PLATFORM OF THE FUTURE? Charles Greenberg EADS North America Defense Test & Services and failures of the VXI platform, compare it to some of the newer platforms, and, if the VXI 5 Ability to increase the speed of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) systems 6 Cost-effective ATE solution In the 19 years since the creation of VXI.

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Exactly what I needed. We’ve used PXI and PXIe a ton for creating custom automated test systems, both for manufacturing test and product validation. In fact, we’ve utilized the PXI platform on over 1, projects (including both PXI & PXIe). See here for more. We can help with hardware selection, software development, and system integration.

VXI or VXIbus is a powerful test instrumentation technology that is based on the VME bus. Indeed the letters VXI stand for VME eXtension for Instrumentation.

Its development was born out of the need to be able to produce smaller yet effective solutions for test systems. Some typical applications are functional test systems, avionics test benches, telecom repair stations, and automatic power-supply test systems. Each of these applications takes advantage of the versatility of combining a specialized GPIB instrument with either a PXI or VXI mainframe, or even both.

A comparison of the vxi and pxi automatic test systems
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